Visiting Moldova

Come and exsperiance Moldova with Dale Benson.

Through your guide Dale Benson you will experience Moldova and hear stories about Moldova's culture directly from native people.

One part of our tour is in the village of Falesti where you will be greeted by native people and shown how wine is made in traditional Moldovan style, wine making is done by almost all Moldovan villagers and is done in the late fall, then there will be a small tour of the village of Falesti to see how native Moldovan people live and work, the next part of your visit in Falesti is to see the small village church and then back to the village so you will be severed a traditional Moldovan meal and sample some wine’s.

Our guest will even learn Moldovan food dishes like Mamiliga or how a Moldovan BBQ taste so good with Moldovan wine!

old mam and womanThe drive to Falesti is about 3 or 4 hours through the country side of Moldova and you will see many Villages and Moldovan people working their field and see small road side markets which you are welcome to stop at to shop for gifts to take back home with you. There can even be a planned tour of a Cognac factory in Calarasi that produces Calarasi Divin which is Cognac in Moldova.

Our tour also has a side route to one of Moldova’s oldest Ministries that any traveler with marvel at the beauty of this Ministries in the village of Capriana some hour and a half drive from the capitol city Chisinau.

Your guide Dale Benson truly believe all our guest will leave for home after their tour of Moldova with a warm spot in there heart and sole for the country of Moldova and the Humble people that live day to day is one of Europe’s poorest but very beautiful country’s.

old mam and womanWe believe that there is no other tour vacation offered like this today to see in depth the real life of the Moldovan people and a country that is Europe’s Crown jewel in the world of the wine industry, little more than 1/3rd of the country of Moldova is covered in Vineyards and 15 % of the country’s annual budget is made up from income is generated vinticulture, ferther more our guests will see the such wonders as the worlds largest wine cellars in the world which are Cricova and Milestii Mici then be treated to special High quality wine testing’s at the end of the tour from these special cellars.

A great time to visit

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence for Moldova from Russian in 1991 there has been many changes for the Moldovan people and government of Moldova, in August 1992 Moldova joined the United Nations and much latter Moldova announced there intent to join the European Union.

old mam and womanSince 2003 when Dale Benson first start the company Moldova Traders there have been many changes and more interest in Moldova by many tour company’s and tourist in general and it make great sense to plan a vacation in Moldova with great exchange rate calm and peaceful people and country with much beauty and wonders to see.

We can say clearly our company Moldova Traders and our tour company Global Intelligent Power can offer a true relaxing tour that is educational and enlightening of the daily life of the average Moldovan person and the country Moldova.

We also hope that our guest feel good knowing that there money spent on their tour will go to helping some Moldovan people that work for the company’s of Moldova Traders.

Please enjoy the rest of our web site and we hope to see you in Moldova soon with us!


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