Experience Moldova

Come with Moldova Traders so we can show you Moldova in a way that will bring excitement to your heart and memory’s to be shared with friends and family for the rest of your life.

MoldovaCome with us on a tour that will show you Europe’s little diamond in the rough with the worlds largest wine cellars from Cricova and Milestii Mici once owned and controlled by the Soviet Union and then later by the state government of Moldova but now in privet Ownership.

One can taste the history of Moldova’s wine industry at the largest wine Cellars in the world on your tour with Moldova Traders Moldovan touring department.

You will also be delighted to see the real village life in Moldova where there is NO staged tourist events for you to see, on your travels with the tour guides of Moldova traders you will see real Moldovan people living out there daily life tending to farm’s and animals or working their crops or even making wine which you could possible join in the process of learning the history of the wine culture of Moldova by real Moldovan village people.

Or you may like to collect some of the native arts and hand crafts to take home with you such as paintings and nicely painted clay pots or a hand woven wool rug with beautifully designed colorful patterns.

A tour of Moldova royalty

For the traveler who enjoys old history with tales of King’s and prince’s we have a story for you and a tour to the castle of the most famous of all king’s who ruled Moldova.

MoldovaWe will show you in the village of Soroca in Northern section of Moldova the castle of King Stefan cel Mare who ruled Moldova from 1457-1504, King Stephen cel Mare was also a voivod prince of Moldova who was renowned for his long resistance against the Ottoman Empire and his interest in improving the wine’s of Moldova.

King Stephen cel Mare was Moldova’s first King to seriously understand the value of Moldova’s wine industry by experimenting with planting different European grape vines in Moldova.

Also on tour you with us you will see some of the church’s and Monastery’s Stefan cel Mare erected during his time as King which are beautifully constructed which are now part of Moldova’s history and Pride today.

Please read all about Moldova’s most famous King and prince Stephen the Great as he was called at www.embassyrm.org/en/stefan.html

These tours are conducted year round but some of the special events each year is one of Europe’s largest wine festival’s conducted each second week of October in Chisinau Moldova.

Chisinau day

The next popular event is called Chisinau day in Moldova which celebrates the birth of the Capitol city of Moldova called Chisinau.

MoldovaWhat ever your experience is in traveling to Europe for the experienced traveler to Europe or the first time traveler to Europe, Moldova is possible one of the best vacation and touring trips to Europe one can experience today that is all naturally the way you see it free from staged tourist attractions and never will you see made in China on your treasures you have bought to take home with you from Moldova.

So we welcome you to are web site to learn about a little country in South Eastern Europe with some very old history of many cultures that have lived in Moldova over thousands of years and learn about a Prince who was also Moldova’s most famous ruler.

And you will learn about the very old wine culture enjoyed by almost all Moldovan people still today.


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