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Taste a Moldova wine and you will know how 6,000 years of wine history makes a difference in wine production!

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Wines for sale to the Public from our on line wine store and wine delivery services

Sale of wine from Moldova Traders on line wine store are priced for the Public and retailers. Commercial distributors and retail outlets should contact Moldova Traders for commercial sales pricing by Phone of by E mail.

For Public sales Moldova Traders offers a new advantage in wine sales. We now offer on line wine orders with home delivery in the state of Oregon. Why use your valued time shopping for the best wines at the local supermarkets or specialty wine shop when all it takes is a call to our office to place your wine order and have your wines delivered.

Another advantage to the public in placing your wine order with Moldova Traders on line wine store is you will always be sold the best wines by our staff that knows which wines match your interest and needs in wines after speaking with you to understand your taste in wine may it be a Red wine or White wine.

Many supermarkets and special wine shops do not have experienced wine Steward's or the stores are pushing wines that are distributed by winery's or distributors that offer special incentives bonus kick backs to the stores to push their wines on to the Public so most often you are going to get a low quality wine or a wine that does not meet your needs for the wine you are looking for.

Let Moldova Traders help you select out best High quality wines for you and your personal taste!


Moldova Traders does offer out of state wine sales also. If you are interested in a wine not found in your state we are happy to help you with the purchase of our wines from Moldova or Romanain. We ship UPS or DHL delivery services. Please contact us for details on shipping and pricing for your wine order for out of state wine sales.


Moldova Traders is now offering wine catering service for privet party's / Weddings / Wine tasting party's.

Our wines have made the best special event wine ever presented in Oregon with High quality and exceptional taste not found in the lower quality Northwest wines. 

Wines from Moldova and Romanian are of a Higher quality than domestic wines and the taste is superior to our well know Oregon wines , Moldova or Romanian wine will surprise everyone who enjoys a good glass of wine.

We provide the wine and services to match your needs just call us and tell us what your needs are so we can set up your next wine party and special event.

MOLDOVAN WINES FOR SALE (Currently sold out)

Chateau Vartely Reserve or as other name Limited Edition Merlot Vintage 2004.
Additional note about this Merlot is it a very dry red Merlot with robust full body and strong refreshing aroma that can fill a room with smells of soft fruit and hints of oak.

Chateau Vartely High Quality Chardonnay Vintage 2005
Additional note about this Chardonnay is this Chardonnay wine when tested at High quality specialty wine shops in Portland Oregon was consider to the best Chardonnay to arrive in Portland Oregon for many years.

Chateau Vartely Selected wine’s Feteasca Vintage 2005

Please look at the web site from Purcari wine’s in stock and for sale in the inventory of Moldova traders.

MoldovaMerlot de Purcari Vintage 2003

Cabernet Sauvignon de Purcari Vintage 2003

Sauignon de Purcari Vintage 2004

Dionysos Mereni Wines
Rara Neagra Vintage 2003

Asconi Sparkling Wines
Cobemckoe Ulamnahckoe ( Soviet style sparkling wine )
Excellent quality and taste.
Available in stock in Gold label and Black labels.

Asconi (Orhei Golden Muscat)
This is a light Floral flavored Muscat packaged in a beautiful bottle and labeling


Asconi dessert wine Old Tavern
This wine is a blend of Merlot and Isabela, alcohol is 16%

Asconi High Quality Pinot Franc wine.
This is a High Quality wine from the 3rd largest wine producer in Moldova.
No other place will you find Pinot Franc than in Moldova Traders inventory in the U.S.A.

Dessert wine 16%Alc.

Bostavan Black DoktorMoldova

Dessert wine 16%Alc

Made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Excellent wine if you enjoy a Port style wine but Black Doktor is not fortified and has a soft velvety taste of nice ripe fruit and a hint of chocolate flavors. 

Bostavan Black Doktor

Semi sweet 12%Alc
Made with Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Saperavi. Very smooth wine with a nice fruity flavors.

Bostavan Kagor or also known as CahorMoldova
This wine is the best know sweet wine in Eastern Europe and well know through the Orthodox Cristian churches as a Church wine.
In the taste of Kagor you will sense sweet taste of Dried prunes and a finish of light Chocolate .
The wine makes a excellent dessert wine and is considered to be a much better wine than Port wines.
Kagor is not fortified but the Alcohol content is 16 %.

Bostavan Isabela Moldova

Red semi sweet wine.
Isabela is one of our best selling semi

sweet wines with flavors of strawberry's and a gentle sweet smell with a well balanced taste

Bostavan Lidia

Red semi sweet wine with the taste of sweet strawberry's and a slight olive taste to this wine and a very interesting pleasant smell to this wine that will last a long time of this wine.

Bastavan White Muscat

Slightly golden in color with a sweet Muscat flavor and delicate smells of Muscat and soft oily balance and taste.


Halewood Carmela Prohova Valley Reserve wines:

Prahova Tamaioasa Romaneasca
From the Dealu Mare wine region of Romanian .
This is a pleasant semi sweet wine made of the Tamaioasa Romaneasca grape .
Pleasant in taste of Apricots and Peach with a creamy smoothness finish .
Prahova Valley Reserve Pinot Noir
This wine is a winner of the Vin Challenge 2005 in France with a silver metal .
This Pinot Noir is superior in taste and quality to any Oregon or other Northwest Pinot Noir and has the silver metal to prove it won against the toughest competition in France !
Prahova Valley Reservce Fetaesca Neagru
This is one of Romanian's most favorite wines grown on the Dealu Mare region along a sub -Carpathian hills and is know to grow the best Red wines of Romanian .
The wine is deep in ruby red color with deep ripe in fruit flavors of prunes and baked bread are complemented by the delicate tannins from the Romanian oak barrels .
Moldova Traders believe this is our newest up and coming Red wine that all will enjoy after one sip !
Romanian Byzantium wines:

Blanc de Transylvanie
This is a very old wine of long ago brought back by modern technology .
There is blended Pinot Grigio , Gewurz , Feteasca Alba to make splendid white wine of crispy citrusy zest of Feteasca and a finish is long crisp after taste .
Best service chilled and will fish and Poultry and light salad .
Byzantium Rosso di Valachia
This wine is a full bodied barrel matured Red wine .
This wine was a blend of Feteasca Neagru, Merlot and Pinot Nior from Romanian vineyards made in traditional and modern wine making traditions of Viticulture in Wallachia .
The collor is ruby red in Color and in the taste is intense in plum fallowed by rich sweet spice and ripe fruits with a long finish in a integrated aftertaste .

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