The company Moldova Traders was started in 2003 by Dale Benson of Aloha Oregon on the west coast of the United States.

MoldovaIt is the interest of Dale to bring to Americans in the state of Oregon and Washington state a Superior quality Eastern European wine never seen before in the specialty wine shops and market of the west coast of the United States.

In starting the company Moldova Traders set up operation in the heart of wine country in the Willamette Valley well known for hundreds of small mom and dad family run style wine company’s producing cheap low cost wine for the love of wine by many people from the northwest states such as in Oregon, Washington and California states.

It is the belief of the management of Moldova Traders that there are so many brands and styles of Oregon and Washington, California wines made by anything from small mom and dad winery operations working out of their basement to Doctors, Lawyers and corporation CEO’s looking for a land and farm tax breaks on their land and multi million dollars homes these people have turned their land into vineyards and now making wine today in Oregon, Washington or California to receive tax breaks and now the quality of the wine’s has been compromised for a higher Production quantities of cheap low quality wines rushed into production then rushed to the supermarkets and distributors for fast sales by wineries only seeking quick cash and government farm subsidized tax breaks on their land.

MoldovaAnd now the consumer is no longer able to buy a real quality wine today unless the price is over $30 U.S dollars for a bottle of wine, and still that does not always guarantee a good wine!

In a recent research comparison of 50 Willamette valley wineries only four wines could stand out from all the rest of some 120 Oregon wine samples tested produced in the wine country of the Willamette Valley or Washington state , all other wines tested would and should have been low quality table wines sold from around $2.25 to $ 5.00 a bottle range which what is expected of Oregon wines and other states of the Northwest United States .
And in are research no Oregon wines showed the quality and smooth to drink with smooth well defined flavor tones or sophisticated elegance of fruits and vanillas flavors that the Moldavian wines commonly have shown in the wines made in Moldova.

The Washington State wines did not favor any better than the Oregon wines in quality in comparison to the flavors most wines found in the Northwest United States are of sharp and bitter with most wines the only taste are strong oak with strong Tanis over powering all other tastes of the wines leaving a strange after taste of bitter oak .

MoldovaWe at Moldova Traders when asking these Oregon or Washington wine company’s about which international wine events there wines have been shown at non of the wine of the wine company’s had ever entered internationally there wines or did the wine company’s of the Oregon or Washington company’s had the skill or quality raw material to produce a quality wine capable of international wine competition events.

All wine company’s from Moldova produce quality wines that have been shown at world wide wine competition events and have won hundreds of international awards and recognized by even the Royalty and Presidents of the world.

Quality and Quantity and Reasonable Price

For the consumer now there is quality and quantity and reasonable price from wine company’s of Moldova and distributed by Moldova Traders.

And never will you never get a cheap low quality wine from Moldova Traders we guarantee it from Moldova Traders !!.

All are Moldovan wines we sell are from old and well establish wine company’s in the Republic Moldova with superior wines made in the old world style that are now fabricated with modern technology and old world skill.

You can also count on the wine company’s from Moldova that their wine’s have been entered in international wine competitions all over Europe and have won hundreds of awards all over the world .

So at Moldova Traders we have a saying show us your proof of quality in international competition awards and we will show you are wine company’s awards from Moldovan wine company’s we import and sell.

MoldovaIf your business is in another state no problem let us be your wine importer !
Moldova Traders is licensed by the ATF administration to import over 100 brands of wines, cognac’s and Vodka from Moldova or other country’s.

Contact us and let us check the laws of your state and see if we can import your next shipment of wine, cognac, brandy, Sherry and Vodka.

We would be happy to help!

Also if you seek old collection wine from Cricova and Milesti Milci wine company’s of Moldova or your taste of wine is of quality let us be your importer of wines from Chateau Vartely and Purcari , Bostavan or Dionysos Mereni wine company’s of Moldova.

Let us talk over how we can help you import the wines, beer or other beverages’ you would like to sell in your business.

Large Quantity Imports

MoldovaFor larger corporations ask about Moldova Traders large quantity import plan than can reduce cost per bottle down to just 2 - 8 dollars a bottle for large corporate profits.

This plan can be quantity’s of 5000 to 500.000 bottles at one time of wine, beer, Cognac or Vodka from Moldova, Romania and Even your own pick of country we at Moldova Traders can be your importer of wine, beer or other beverages’.


Contact us to learn more about some of the best wines in the world.

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